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Montana Brought Big Sky Country into Concrete Jungles

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Howdy! A friendly brand ambassador, dressed in cowboy boots and wearing a large-buckled belt, would approach a passerby and invite him/her to enjoy their own Montana moment. The experience included a food truck converted into a mercantile building, reminiscent of the well-known landmark, Polebridge Mercantile, near Glacier National Park. Set amongst the city landscapes, the mercantile grabbed everyone‘s attention. While sharing details about Montana tourism, the team directed visitors to a large high definition photo mat, visually placing participants into a Montana scene. “Billy”, a real bison head, soon became the main attraction. With social capital – or proof that a participant posted to social media with #idratherbeinmt – the participant would receive made-in-Montana huckleberry ice cream or bison jerky. They were also entered to win a free trip to Montana! After 7,500 ice cream cones had been distributed and over 1,400 social media posts uploaded, there was a potential reach of 1.25+ million just on Twitter alone. From ideation to creation and through execution, the Montana Mercantile Tour was truly a turnkey operation led by dio’s talented team.

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