FOREO's PR Stunt at CES - dio Experiential Marketing Case Study

Something Big Landed at CES

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The FOREO global public relations team wanted to do something big to release their new product, called UFO, at CES…while capturing media’s attention. Collaborating with the FOREO team and using their CES trade show experience as a basis for creativity, we designed a head-turning PR stunt to grab the attention of CES attendees. The day prior to CES’s kick off, our team scheduled media drops to deliver ‘Ultra Top Secret’ media kits, provided by the client. This, along with our PR phone outreach, created a lot of pre-event media interest and excitement. The next day, the stunt mesmerized attendees and got people asking, “#WhatTheFOREO?!” A mysterious motorcade rolled up as a strange and bizarre, some may say out-of-this-world, performance unfolded. There were paparazzi, a security team, mad scientists and finally…three sexy aliens! WTF?! Something big had indeed landed at CES: UFO. The actors formed a procession to the FOREO booth, and those daring enough to follow found a bold, military-protected exhibit reminiscent of Area 51. From the media boxes to the PR stunt to the CES exhibit, the entire FOREO experience worked in concert together to create a memorable launch for their latest product.

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