Inova Brand Development

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During brand discovery, we collaborated with Eastern Alliance to develop a SWOT & Brand Pyramid. In this phase, we determined the strengths, weaknesses, intrinsic spirit, persona, values, benefits, attributes and the UBD. These exercises helped to drive the creative briefs which became the road maps to determining the direction of the new sub-brand while still keeping true to Eastern Alliance’s Corporate Brand. Just as nature is looked upon for its simple, innovative and ever-evolving problem solving, Inova is looked upon by those in need of an alternative insurance carrier just the same. The basis of this new brand, natural innovation, grew from this concept. Keeping true to simplification, the basic geometric shape such as the hexagon in Inova’s logo relates as the area is based off a formula that is unique to its shape but more so dimensions (or risks) reflected of the business. The honeycomb hexagon pattern is more efficient with less wax to construct but gains more strength because of its integrated structure. These wax cells, built by these natural “architects” (“innovators”), contain the honey bees’ larvae, honey and pollen. The cells of Inova can be likened to those of a beehive…nurturing your business, while protecting it from the insecurities of the world outside.

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