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Make your sponsorships sing.

It’s not cheap getting logo placement, so when you invest in sponsorship marketing, you want to make sure you’re reaping the rewards. Sponsorships – for sporting events, music festivals, charities, conferences, venues or landmarks – are celebratory, and we can create fun experiences to make your brand stand out against all the other hoopla that might be happening within the sponsorship space.

Like all brand experiences, sponsorship activation has to be authentic. There must be a natural synergy between your brand, the event and its attendees. Or, it won’t work.

Sponsor brands also have to find the right – and authentic – balance when planning an activation. You want to add to the overall attendee experience, not detract from it, or worse – piss off attendees by being too salesy or in-your-face. You don’t want to sponsor something because you’re desperate for the attention; you want it to feel genuine.

Authenticity is where your opportunity resides.

There are several amazing reasons why event sponsorship could make sense for you. When it ‘fits’, we can help you make it soar!

From brokering the partnership with the event/venue to designing your experience and its footprint, we’ll lead you through the entire sponsorship process.

We will collaborate with you on creating a sponsorship marketing plan, identifying synergistic events, producing all assets, staffing the event, fueling social engagement, collecting attendee data and following up with your new leads.

Whatever your sponsorship needs, we’ve got your back!

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