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Throw an event to make other events jealous.

Grand opening? Trade show? Product launch? Whatever kind of party is on your social calendar, we’ve got event marketing specialists to help make it the biggest, baddest and most memorable event of the year. Maybe even of the century! If you’re trying to wow a crowd, we’ll scheme up some eye-popping entertainment, recruit brand ambassadors to mingle with your guests and even provide social integration to ignite the online chatter. With our near field communication technology, beacons, RFID or digital message transmitters, we can even invite those nearby to join the fun. Our event marketing programs are tailor-made to fit your goals. Bottom line is, we’ll put your event in the center of an amusing, shocking or laugh-out-loud-funny situation that drives consumer engagement.

Put experience at the heart of your brand’s special event. Making brand events memorable is key.

In a survey of millennials, Splash asked, “What’s the coolest thing a brand has done at an event?” and found that:

14% remembered the brand surprised the attendees with something unexpected

19% remembered the free stuff that they received

14% remembered an incredible performance

…and only 5% remembered the great food

Hosting an event is a great way to: gain brand exposure, increase foot traffic, launch a product, grow your mailing list, generate social engagement and produce branded content. But most importantly, events give you the opportunity to engage directly with your audience and build valuable connections with those closest to your brand. Inviting media and influencers to your events can also be a strategic move to earn ongoing media pick-ups.

Your brand’s signature event will be designed with interactivity – and your objectives – in mind.

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