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It doesn’t mean anything until someone posts about it on Facebook.

We understand the importance of integrating your experiential marketing campaign with all the leading social media platforms. We will work with you to promote your campaign ahead of time on social, plus develop ways to incorporate social or smartphone integration into the campaign, itself. We respect the social ways of the world and want to make sure what we’re doing in real life becomes real-time chatter in the digital space. We’ve successfully run photo marketing campaigns and helped manage hashtags, and we’re always thinking up new ways to involve people in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Some question that if an experience wasn’t on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram), did it really happen?

The 2016 Event Track research by Event Marketing Institute and Mosaic supports the idea that people like to create and share personal content. They found 98% of consumers create digital or social content at branded experiences, and 100% of those people share that content.

Live streaming platforms enable realtime social media sharing as a live event unfolds, amplifying the reach.

But…people are cautious of what they post to and engage with on social media. The content needs to be meaningful. That means the experience needs to create enough value that they are moved to share it with their network of families and friends.

Sometimes, we use social capital on our campaigns. We provide a ‘get’ (an entry for a giveaway, swag, etc.) in exchange for a hashtag post. This can help a brand achieve their lofty impression goals. However, sometimes, we believe it’s better to create an amazing experience that people will want to share organically. It’s really finding the right balance to integrate social media in the right way for the campaign and your objectives.

Your experiential marketing should tie closely to to your influencer marketing programs. What can your influencers (paid or organic) say or share about the experience to either amplify the reach or create a deeper meaning for social media users?

User-generated content is a powerful way to earn media mentions. Another way to look at social media integration with your brand experiences is the content the brand can also generate. Can you capture photos and videos at your experience to post throughout the following year? Can the experience actually save you money on social content creation in the future? Is each element of the experience an Instagrammable shot for your feed? Is the live stream a gated opportunity to generate new leads?

When you’re ready to strategize the connection between social media and your experiential marketing strategy, we’ll be here ready to talk.

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