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Give try-before-you-buy a whole new meaning.

Our currency is consumer engagement. We don’t just pass out samples or perform boring old product demos. We create a memorable hands-on experience with your product or service. From digital game plays to event tastings to test drives to entertainment downloads to setting up a sidewalk salon to give walkers-by a new hair do with your latest and greatest flat iron. Whatever you’re selling, we can create an enjoyable experience with your product front-and-center through unique sampling distribution or demonstrations.

During the Sara Lee Deli mobile tour, we served honey ham sliders to shoppers as they entered point-of-sale retailers. By intercepting them near the purchase point – and distributing a coupon – immediate sales spiked and new loyal customers were gained.

Every sampling campaign has its unique objectives: brand awareness, immediate sales lift, new product trial, word of mouth marketing. We’ll collaborate with you to develop a sampling distribution opportunity that meets your specific goals.

But where we shine is our ability to turn sampling into a real experience.

We’ll create an ambiance for your brand, design activities that encourage longer dwell times and deeper consumer engagement and of course, ensure the product is always served at its finest. We’ll also hire and train brand ambassadors to connect to the audience. For example, when we handed out free slushies for a pharmaceutical brand, we hired staff that had a personal connection to certain health conditions. This ensured the target audience would feel comfortable and share an instant connection with the sampling team.

We’re not the shove a toothpick-with-chicken in your face kind of product samplers.

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