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Revolutionize your point-of-purchase marketing.

Our onsite field marketing team goes beyond creative merchandising. We offer unique experiences for in-store browsers that make you more than just a restaurant or a store – but an attraction. And all of our creative promotions are designed to drive the purchase and create lasting emotional connections with your brand, so they will want to keep coming back time and time again. We can help design a one-time retailtainment opportunity or help you employ an overall retail experience to continue for years to come.

Plus, with our high-tech thinking prowess, we’ll help you communicate with in-store shoppers through their smart devices. Let’s go phygital! Deliver messaging applicable to where they’re at within your store and offer social integration elements that will entertain audiences in-store and online.

Author George Ritzer described retailtainment as the “use of ambience, emotion, sound and activity to get customers interested in the merchandise and in a mood to buy.”

While competing with ecommerce mammoths, ahem, Amazon, experience at your retail center becomes a differentiator in the marketplace. Today, consumers actually crave physical, human experiences. If the experience is meaningful enough, they’ll put down their screens to engage directly with your brand in-store. Consumers – who many cherish experience over products – enjoy when entertainment collides with retail spaces.

Retailtainment can be as simple as hosting a one-off book signing or a happy hour. Or, it can be woven into your everyday retail experiences with a permanent virtual reality installation or a walk-through Instagrammable museum.

Your in-store experiences must align with your brand and make sense to shoppers. A sporting goods store that offers fishing workshops or a craft store that offers jewelry-making classes, for examples, make it easy for a consumer to find the connection. A book store that introduces a customize-your-own-latte based on your favorite genre experience promotes a longer in-store dwell time. An experience center designed to let consumers touch and try new smart products may make sense for a high-tech retailer. The on-site experiences should be designed to delight your customers.

Overall ambience in your store should also consider multiple senses. Is there a specific aroma in your rooms? How is your lighting? What music or sounds do you play?

Using retailtainment as part of your experiential marketing strategy can draw consumers into your physical stores. Changing up or introducing new in-store experiences will keep them coming back everytime they are considering another purchase.

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