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Dropping jaws never paid so well.

Do you have a really daring idea that you know will get your brand attention…but have no idea how to pull it off? You’ve come to the right place! Even if you don’t have an idea, yet, but know you want people talking about the crazy-but-brilliant publicity stunt you performed, then we can help! We’re just that daring – and so totally hip – to take on the challenge. And we’ll do it in a methodical, well planned manner, so you can attack specific goals and see the results. We can’t promise it will go viral like videos of people dumping ice water over their own heads, but we’ll make sure whatever the PR stunt – no matter how simple or how larger-than-life it may be – gets people talking about how cool your brand really is. We’ll tackle the project management, including: creative direction, staging, production and multi-camera videography to prove that your stunt got the jaw-dropping reaction you hoped for!

PR stunts are designed to generate earned media for your brand. Gain news coverage…and also see explosive conversations across social media. Create buzz and spread word of mouth chatter. Stunts are designed…to grab attention!

Goldfish now have larger attention spans than we do. Breaking through the clutter and the second- and third-screen consumer habits is challenging in today’s overcrowded media landscape. That’s why marketers have embraced a new way to connect with consumers: creating an experience for someone. And when the stunt is really out of the ordinary, it can provoke user-generated content to rapidly circulate across many channels.

When the audience is made up of influencers, bloggers and news media, that’s even more rapid fire for your brand!

PR stunts are nothing new. But there are fresh new ways to approach experiences designed for your media contacts. We’re here to help.

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