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How about pop-up marketing that, well, pops!?

From building the marketing suspense to executing the logistics seamlessly, we can assist with your pop-up shop, restaurant or event from start to finish. Whether it’s for an entire season or just a quick term pop-up location, our team can help with permitting, insurance, staffing needs, design and marketing. Plus, you better believe that visitors to your pop-up retail space will be engaged with your brand in a memorable fashion.

Pop-up shops and experiential installations are growing in popularity. There is no one way to do a pop-up. Your “shop” could be an experiential vehicle, a shipping container converted into a pop-up storefront, a temporary lease in a vacancy at a shopping center or a temporary lease in an urban loft, to name a few. Adidas even made their pop-up shops look like giant shoe boxes. There’s definitely no limits on your brand’s creativity, as long as the pop-up meets your objectives.

Retailers aren’t the only ones who do pop-up marketing. A vast array of companies have tried pop-up stores, some that sell items – and others that don’t.

To promote the reboot of Gilmore Girls on Netflix, the show set up 200 coffee shops across the U.S. under the name of Luke’s Diner. These pop-ups offered free coffee and promoted the show’s premiere. Social media engagement helped to amplify the reach and excite Gilmore Girls fans everywhere – while creating a bit of favorable FOMO at the same time.

Online subscription-based retailer FabFitFun uses weekend pop-ups to launch their new box offerings. Mattress startup Casper used pop-up stores to test their retail concept. Magnum ice cream allows visitors to dip their own ice cream bars in an interactive – and luscious – pop-up experience. And one NYC pop-up created a greenhouse with 1,000 cacti for sale.

Even our team was thrilled with all of the amazing experiences packed into the Samsung 837 pop-up in New York City.

Pop-up marketing has its advantages for a wide range of brands and industries. With influencer marketing and PR support, these stores can garner a lot of attention. Plus, they are perfect locations to test the waters on new products or retail experiences when you collect visitor feedback. We’re happy to strategize how pop-up marketing may fit into your overall media plan.

Does your pop-up marketing plan include a traveling pop-up shop? We are experienced with mobile tours, and we can take your pop-up on the road, too!

As a turnkey partner, we will collaborate with you from concept through reporting. We’ll source a location for your pop-up, oversee production, merchandise, set-up point-of-sale displays, design experiences within the pop-up shop, hire and train staff, handle inventory and warehousing. We’ll report back to you key metrics, such as pop-up visits, impressions, dwell time, sales and social engagements. When you’re ready to take the dive into pop-up marketing, let’s do it together.

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