near field communication (NFC) in experiential marketing

Create an opt-in NFC offer they can’t resist.

Do you want to reward in-store shoppers or produce marketing creative that users want to interact with? With near field communication, now you can! We can ideate with you on how NFC best fits your brand and audience, strategize how to employ it to drive engagement and sales and provide the technology to make it happen. Plus, we’ll report back on how many of your consumers opted to interact with your brand through this NFC application.

Near field communication (NFC) is more and more accessible through consumer smartphones. Many apps and operating systems offer NFC tap capability. There is little barrier to entry to use NFC when it makes sense on your experiential marketing campaign. A single tap can bring your brand to life!

“As people rely more heavily on their mobile devices, digital place-based media has become the front line for marketers looking to engage active consumers who are on the path to purchase,” says Chuck Strottman, Sr. Director of Marketing from RMG Networks in this article.

NFC enables content delivery in a quick, easy way – right to someone’s own device. Custom landing pages, videos and photo galleries are now just a tap away.

You can place NFC tags in products, to create interactive signage or on printed materials. For example, Spyder incorporated NFC tags into the U.S. Ski Team jackets to create an on-mountain experience with real-time weather conditions, trail maps and snow reports.

Some experiences can also be completely fueled by NFC. For example, a scavenger hunt experience can use NFC to unlock information and rewards at each treasure location.

Other brand experiences may add NFC as an amplification layer with social media integration. Tap here to tweet this. Or tap here to share that.

NFC tap zones are fun and tech-forward mini-experiences within your overall experiential marketing campaign.

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