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Moving billboards lined up like militia will dominate your streets.

What’s great about working with dio is that you also have the media assets of our big brother company, do it outdoors media, the largest national mobile billboard company. One way we can turn heads, stop traffic and get an emotional reaction from pedestrians is to create a mobile billboard domination. Picture yourself walking to lunch from your office downtown when all of a sudden a fleet of 25 mobile billboards, one after the other, comes roaring down your street. Of course, that would grab your attention, and we have the means to make that happen within a quick turnaround time and in any market across the U.S. Plus, we have access to Segways, jet packs and other alternative, out-of-home mediums that can enhance your campaign. Whatever type of marketing tour you desire, we can help.

Mobile billboards also serve as one tactic to promote your experiential marketing campaign. Because they’re mobile, they can drive anywhere – including the area surrounding your brand experience or special event. With a large real estate for your message, you can drive greater participation at your brand activation.

Mobile billboards are also just one form of advertising vehicle we can utilize for additional promotion. The do it outdoors media assets include sampling vehicles, armored vehicles, triple-sided units, glass box trucks, Segways, taxi bikes, bicycle bars, sampling bikes and other unique branded vehicles. We can also add special effects to create more awe around the promotional vehicle.

If you’re going to support your brand activation with outdoor media, mobile billboards offer the flexiblity – and exact location – you may be looking for.

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