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Take your marketing message to the streets.

Surprise them. Shock them. Befriend them. Entertain them. Wow them. What better way to engage with your consumers than to have brand ambassadors interacting directly with your target audience, right in your own neighborhood?

From our friendly Segway squads to elaborate flash mob entertainment, we’ll have your brand taking the streets by storm. Our street team marketing might sound guerrilla, but our over-the-top concepts and fully integrated capabilities help drive measurable app downloads, lead sign-ups, foot traffic or digital sales. Ask someone who interacts with one of our experienced brand activation team members five years from now if they still remember the experience, they’ll say, “Yes!”

This type of human-to-human interaction drives brand recall and helps reinforce your brand positioning. We’ll carefully select brand ambassadors who appeal to your target audience, driving more positive interactions and reinforcing your brand. Then, we’ll handle all the project management tasks, including: creative direction, choreography, performance, production, and multi-camera videography to prove how stellar your flash mob experience transformed the streets of your city.

Our activations are always led by at least one national field manager, or a tour manager, who is a direct employee of dio. Brand ambassadors, whether they are doing product sampling or are part of the flash mob cast, are W2 employees. We can handle all of the talent acquisition, or the brand can be actively involved in the casting of the campaign crew. We can offer talent videos, photographs and biographies for review before hiring the team.

Our elaborate staffing system finds backup team members, tracks brand ambassadors by GPS and has alerts in place to prevent scheduling delays.

Training is something we take very seriously. We require all campaign staff to be fully trained not only on their campaign role – but also on the brand. We want the brand ambassadors to be excellent representatives for your company, product or service.

So whether it’s one – or one thousand – our brand ambassador teams and flash mobs are an integral part to your experiential marketing!

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