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Broadcast messaging to any Bluetooth device.

Beacon marketing is innovation at its finest. Invite your neighbors to your huge grand opening event through notifications on their phone. Track consumers who interact with a street team downtown to see if they enter your retail location uptown. Send in-store shoppers an offer on men’s clothing when they’re standing in the men’s department. It’s personalized, invades the clutter, provides measurable results and is oh-so-cool. This pioneering technology is fully customizable and amps up the level of personalized engagement you can experience with your consumers. We can incorporate beacons within our many marketing programs and also provide the link to you for year-round beacon marketing technology. Plus, our app partnerships drive more consumer engagements. Push notify through your favorite local sports team or create Shazamable experiences that deliver measurable results.

Beacons are dumb objects that empower smart campaigns. There are many use cases for them.

Integrating a push notification through your brand app when someone is in very close proximity to an experience, a product, a specific point in a store, your trade show booth or an advertisement can create high relevance based on location.

Partnering with a third party app that is used by your target audience can create rewarding experiences for app users – and allow you to acquire new customers.

Beacon retargeting allows us to collect a device ID from nearby physical devices and then retarget them digitally using display advertising the next time they’re using their device.

Beacons can also power the creativity behind a brand experience. For example, GranataPet created kiosks for several dog parks in Germany that released beacon-embedded tennis balls that when returned in a certain amount of time would reward a dog’s fitness level.

The powerful analytics and reporting that accompany a beacon campaign are often seen as its most valuable benefit. Beacons can measure: engagements, foot traffic, dwell time, repeat visitors and conversion rate.

When your campaign requires the use of beacons to pull off a meaningful experience, our technology provider partners enable reliable solutions so we can deliver fully turnkey service to you.

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