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Transport your audience to brand new adventures.

Want someone to experience something that’s hard to reproduce in the field: a new surfboard, a vacation to North Dakota, features of a race car or hiking boots designed to scale Mount Everest? Enter virtual and augmented reality campaigns that can place the consumer and your brand in a new dimension. From augmented reality fitting rooms to full-scale virtual reality stunts, we can help your brand and its consumers enter a whole new realm.

Virtual reality and augmented reality both alter how we experience reality. But they are not the same thing. So let’s break down the differences.

Virtual reality is a truly immersive experience. Through computer simulations, a user can place themselves into an alternate reality. Using goggles or a viewer, motion, 360-sound and even light/heat effects, virtual reality can allow the participant to shut the real world out to fully enjoy the VR experience.

Sometimes so “real”, virtual reality can trick your mind and your senses to believing you’re actually in a different location. Even though I knew I was not actually on the roller coaster, I still felt those butterflies as we soared down the hill!

Augmented reality, on the other hand, adds a new layer to your real physical world. It doesn’t shut out the world – it enhances it.

AR, although must be launched through a mobile app, can be used with lat/long programming or triggered through a creative graphic that can easily be implemented in many circumstances. A creative trigger could be incorporated across multiple media formats, or you could design a full brand experience using AR.

Harper Collins developed an AR mobile app to promote book sales to teen girls. National Geographic used AR within an interactive mall installation. And TV show The Walking Dead gave transit users a zombie attack scare!

Either virtual reality or augmented reality, these experiences are memorable – and sometimes quite a thrill!

The most important thing to remember is that to pull off something really cool, it has to also be authentic to your brand. Otherwise, you’ll invest in a memorable experience – but not a memorable brand experience. Make sure it aligns with your marketing objectives.

We can help you concept, build, integrate and launch a VR or AR experience. Ideation, content creation and experience development – we’re a fully turnkey partner for your activations.

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