Do you worry about who will be representing your brand during your next experiential campaign?

Your brand is in the hands of the team working your experiential marketing campaign. Whether that’s a street team, trade show booth personnel or event crew, the brand ambassadors are your brand. They interact with consumers, distribute samples, demonstrate new products and ensure the experience goes off without a hitch. It’s important to have the highest standards of brand representation. That’s why we staff your experiential campaigns accordingly.

You want the peace of mind that the experiential campaign staff are fully trained on your brand. They understand the campaign objectives and know how to activate the experience we’ve designed. They’re professional and pleasant. You want to make sure they’re on time and dedicated during campaign hours and that they even look the part!

We partner with BookedOut, a powerful mobile-based marketplace and logistics platform. They connect us to a pool of talent and help us manage the staffing through to campaign completion.

“BookedOut gives us an efficient way to find, vet, select and schedule brand ambassadors,” says Sara Cochrane, experiential marketing manager. “They help us manage every detail of campaign staffing, from talent acquisition to payment. This is extremely valuable for advertisers, because the brand is never at risk. With this tool, it becomes highly unlikely that a member of the campaign not fit the brand, be unprofessional or not show up at all.”

We carefully select individuals that we believe will be the best representation of the brand. They resonate with the target audience, fit the campaign’s image and are highly rated within the platform. We read bios, look at previous campaign feedback and manually filter down to the best matched roster for each individual campaign. In other words, we take your experiential campaign staffing seriously.

If the campaign requires someone to man your trade show booth, we’ll find a sales specialist who will convert attendees into qualified leads. Need someone who’s highly-skilled in a particular trade to work that conference? No problem. If the campaign is focused around demonstrating your new app, we’ll find someone who’s tech-savvy, attentive to details and great at answering consumer questions. Need a street team? We’ll book energetic brand ambassadors who are comfortable engaging a wide range of people. We’ve even gone as far as finding brand ambassadors with a personal tie to a particular disease. When speaking with others about that disease, their compassion and understanding were evident.

That’s where you say, “Awwww…”

We can also recruit a set up crew, experience builders or trade show booth constructors using the same detailed process. Our executions are all turnkey and require no sweat on the brand’s part.

dio creates amazing brand experiences. They strategically design an execution plan for each campaign,” says Rick Pace, Director / Strategic Assessment at BookedOut. “Where we can help is in the staffing of those experiences. We enable our partners to deploy brand ambassadors in an informed, scalable and efficient way. In the end, it’s the brand which reaps the benefits from our partnership.”

Brand ambassadors all attend a mandatory training session before the kickoff of the event. Here, they are immersed into your brand. They learn campaign objectives and go over the necessary steps to execute the brand-to-consumer experience.

“The talent on your experiential campaign are given your brand’s key messages and clear campaign guidelines,” explains Craig Lehmann, vice president business development. “They represent your brand in such a way that will make you proud.”

We have access to many cloud-based tools through BookedOut’s platform. We can communicate directly with the team via mobile devices and update them on last-minute changes. We can text them parking information or what to do in case of weather patterns. They have access to the training materials, talking points and brand standards stored directly within the mobile app at all times. Photos of outfit requirements and how to get brand gear will be provided, too.

Through this platform, team members must confirm they’re working the activation several times. They’ll confirm up to a few minutes before an activation begins. If for some unforeseen reason they can no longer participate, we will be able to recruit our backups without missing any campaign time. We’ll be notified if a brand ambassador’s proximity to the event isn’t within a close range as the start time approaches.

These tools help guarantee the experience is executed seamlessly. The event will start on time and be performed to the highest degree of professionalism and excitement.

“We strive to staff your experiential marketing campaign with brand ambassadors who are genuinely passionate about your brand. We want them to authentically represent the values of your company and products,” says Lehmann.

In addition to brand ambassadors, all campaigns are managed in the field by an experienced event manager. The event manager motivates the entire team, acts as campaign problem solver in the field and knows every detail. He or she handles our daily recaps and reports, as well as manages the in-the-field budget.

“We put a lot of thought into who is going to represent your brand. It’s something we simply don’t take lightly,” adds Cochrane.