If you’re a trade show marketer or exhibitor looking for trade show examples and ideas to drive booth traffic and buzz, look no further! We’ve curated a list of trade show examples that will wow you…and inspire your next trade show booth!

trade show examples

The best way to stand out at a trade show is to have a booth that is different, exciting and interesting! Having a unique experience is key. We picked out some brands who went above and beyond handing out free pens, and really impressed with their experiential trade show marketing. We hope you enjoy these fun trade show examples!

1) Keeping it (Super) Cool

AFR Event Furnishings provides rental furniture and equipment for events. Rather than have a stationary exhibit of motionless furniture, they brought in SuperCool Creamery to make use of their rental equipment. The creamery creates ice cream right in front of audience members using a blast of liquid nitrogen! Here’s a quick demo of how they make their ice cream:

2) Feel the tire, be the tire.

Michelin wanted attendees to be able to feel the road and “be the tire” at the North American International Auto Show. They had an interactive that simulated the bumps and scratches on the road, and shows how it “feels” for a tire to have to stand up to tough conditions.


The beauty brand wanted to turn their CES presence into an Area 51-esque destination to promote their new UFO product. They wanted a trade show exhibit that was bound to captivate both attendees and the media.

4) Beyond the iron

Caterpillar created an impressive trade show space at MINExpo. They guided participants from place to place with relevant questions and interactive digital displays that led trade show participants to Cat’s professional solutions. The best part was the chance to see how it feels to drive different Caterpillar pieces of equipment!

5) Hoverboard skate park

Lexus created a virtual skate park experience at the LA Auto Show to launch their new Hoverboard. They modeled a 3D video game after their skate park in Barcelona, and made their Hoverboard the controller. They also encouraged participants to share videos of their experience on social media to create FOMO and buzz around their exhibit!

6) Buried alive

This is one of the most heart-pounding trade show examples we could find! Lionsgate had a unique (and anxiety-inducing) way to promote their movie, Buried, at Comic Con in San Diego. The movie features a truck driver in Iraq who is captured and awakens to find himself in a coffin, anxiously awaiting possible rescue. Attendees could relive the movie by stepping inside a dark box with frightening lighting and sound effects. Not for the faint of heart!

7) I dream of… selfies

Honda created a Dream Machine smoke cannon at the LA Auto Show to show attendees that they are inspired by the dreams of people. The smoke cannon “fired” personalized selfies onto a digital wall with the slogan, “Your dreams are our dreams.” Check it out!

8) Security breach

This is one of the trade show examples we’re most proud of. Why? Because the experience aligned creatively with the marketing message in a very memorable way. It was a cost-effective and scalable experience that started at Black Hat Convention but became a full mobile tour. You can see the full case study for Gemalto’s campaign over on our work tab.

9) Virtual gym workout

For Optimum Nutrition, we strategically used virtual reality to invite attendees to The Arnold to compete in iron-pumping competition. This is one of many trade show examples that immerses a booth visitor into a new world, further engaging their multiple senses and leaving a lasting impression. Check out the video here, then head over to read all about this virtual reality case study.

10) Hey, Google

At CES, attendees boarded a thrill ride that took them through the ups and downs of a typical day. Of course, Google Home was there to save the day in more than one way.


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This article was originally published on August 22, 2017. Updated.