By SHANTEY WILSON, New Business Development Specialist

top 5 tourism marketing blogs

The internet is oversaturated with marketing advice. There’s no shortage of “experts” sharing strategies and so-called best practices. Unfortunately, much of the easily accessible information online offers little to no value. So we thought we’d make things easier and share a few of our top-ranked tourism marketing blogs. It’s no secret we have a bit of a soft spot for the tourism industry!

Tourism eSchool
Tourism eSchool is the brainchild of two tourism marketing vets. Definitely more than just a blog, this all around resource includes free marketing training and a Destination Marketing Mentoring Program for tourism professionals responsible for developing and implementing destination marketing strategies. Check out their advice for marketing in the low season.

2. Consulting Group
What started as Travel2dot0 Consulting Group is now Pattern, a strategy and service design consultancy. As part of the evolution, the agency no longer focuses solely on travel brands. Luckily, Travel2dot0’s blog posts are still available here. Our fave: How to Find the Right Agency for Your Tourism Organization.

Stir Tourism
One of Stir Tourism’s best blog posts is about making social media work for tourism brands. Sidebar: I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how experiential activations make some pretty amazing social media content (1.25 million Twitter mentions for Montana)!

Tomahawk Tourism Marketing
Tomahawk uses their digital marketing expertise to offer valuable information for tourism brands’ social media management and engagement. A good post to get started with is The Power of the Female Traveler.

Rohit Bhargava
This is the wildcard selection since it’s not specifically for those in the travel or tourism realm. However, Rohit’s knowledge of marketing, branding and trends can be applied to any industry looking to influence its target audience. As the found of Influential Marketing Group, his blog provides weekly examples of “non-obvious,” yet creative marketing strategies. There’s also consistently relevant information on trends such as the power of nostalgia.

So many of us are doing and writing about tourism marketing. What are some of your favorite travel and marketing blogs?