NFC Marketing

NFC allows single tap engagement to deliver a rich brand experience.

When nearly 2/3 of all Americans own smartphones, it’s no wonder marketers are scurrying to go mobile. We believe that the best marketing campaigns are ones that are socially-fueled, digitally-anchored and experientially activated. That’s why near field communication, or NFC, is one of our favorite capabilities. By integrating a live experience with a consumer’s most prized possession (their can’t-live-without smartphone), a brand can offer a deeper engagement and deliver content with a longer shelf life.

Faye Ugolnik, Senior Vice President of Media at Paramount Pictures, says, “With this advanced technology we are able to connect multiple mediums and deliver content seamlessly to engaged consumers on mobile devices outside of the traditional mobile media models,” in this article.

Examples of how NFC can help an advertiser create a rich brand experience include:

  • Brand ambassador teams can use mTag cards to encourage consumers at an event or activation to quickly and seamlessly download a mobile app or deliver unique digital content.
  • Events can use tap it technology on entrance signage or kiosks to deliver an agenda, video content, sponsor information, vouchers for VIP areas, discounts on event merchandise or a map of the event layout.
  • Event organizers can embed an NFC tap zone on their registrant’s badges and encourage interaction throughout the event.
  • Products can add NFC signage at the retail level to deliver interactive content during the shopping experience paired with in-store experiences.
  • Out-of-home advertisements can come alive with a tap zone that delivers coupons, more in-depth product details, video demonstrations, turn-by-turn directions to the nearest location or customer reviews.
  • Campaign activation sites or experiential vehicles can have signage with NFC-enabled tap zones to make it easier for consumers to tweet about their interaction.
  • Brands could use NFC to create a scavenger hunt-like campaign, where participants must tap multiple points in order to score branded gear.
  • Brands could use NFC to deliver loyalty rewards or collect contest entries.
  • Movies and TV shows can offer one-tap access to trailers, passes or behind-the-scene clips and interviews.

A single tap can bring your brand to life. The possibilities of execution are endless.

“When running experiential campaigns, we look for ways to integrate technology that will add more layers and extend the life to the user experience,” says Michael Stotsky, our new business director. “Brands often have rich content that tie into the marketing campaign, and NFC helps us share that content quickly. Plus, once something lives on someone’s smartphone, it becomes even easier to share and increases the reach of the campaign.”

The experience is often just the start of the campaign.

“As people rely more heavily on their mobile devices, digital place-based media has become the front line for marketers looking to engage active consumers who are on the path to purchase,” says Chuck Strottman, Sr. Director of Marketing from RMG Networks in this article.

Let us help you create an NFC-integrated experiential marketing campaign that provides not only relevant, interesting content to your target audience but adds a coolness factor to your brand.