Third time’s a charm! dio is thrilled to announce that we and our long-time client, Eastern Alliance Insurance Group, have received a 2019 Insurance Marketing Communications Association (IMCA) Showcase Award of Excellence (Carrier, Agent, or Broker Publication category) for ProVisions Theme Issues for the re-branding campaign of ecovery®,  one of their unique workers’ compensation insurance solutions.

This comprehensive re-branding campaign earned us our third IMCA Showcase Award and included the following:

Brand Re-positioning, Imagery & Tagline: From ecovery being solely being about “Return to Wellness” to also supporting claims management. We worked with our client to create the following rebranded key messaging:

Eastern Alliance’s ecovery aims to break through the legacy barriers of claims management and redefine workers’ compensation by executing a dynamically unique, innovative, holistic approach to “workers’ recovery”. Eastern’s model begins with a shift from the traditional claim management approach to one of claim engagement before an injury even occurs. We educate and engage all involved parties in the most straightforward, easy-to-understand way–from employers/employees and our agent partners to medical professionals and our preferred service providers. By doing so, we facilitate proactive, timely claim engagement and successful worker outcomes. It’s a unique 360-degree approach to the workers’ recovery.

This also included the development of imagery concepts, such as the footsteps and “Make An Impact” tagline, which are often included in ecovery’s creative assets, such as the brochure, website and video. These concepts tie into the journey of recovery and following role models’ footsteps to “Make An Impact.” Any kind of recovery is a journey. ecovery is going through your journey; those ups and downs, peaks and valleys and those struggles and triumphs. You are not alone. Eastern will be there every step of the way.

award-winning corporate brochure

Logo Development: We developed the ecovery logo based of the new direction of rebrand. The old logo was established solely as a Return to Wellness brand. The Eastern team extended this brand to additional support claims, so we needed to reposition the ecovery brand with a new logo that encompassed the new position of ecovery.

The logo was refreshed, warmed up and stylized in a way that is meant to communicate energy and positivity. The gradient and color updates reflect a more accurate representation of having a positive and supportive team that treats every injured worker like an individual—not overpowering but looking out for their best interest and re-gaining your independence.

Claim Story Videos: These videos depict true ecovery claims stories with the goal of showing how ecovery puts injured workers first by treating the whole person with compassion, honesty and straightforward guidance. Working together, a dedicated team of insurance and medical experts help ensure the injured worker receives the most effective and prompt treatment possible. Click here to watch James’ and Ryan’s journeys on Eastern’s ecovery webpage.

Brochure & Pamphlet: This piece is the main ecovery brochure that agents can use as a tool for educating themselves and their clients (business owners/employers) about ecovery. We also developed a smaller injured workers “pamphlet” that is meant to be given to injured workers to help them understand their situation, options and how ecovery is a very real solution for getting them on the road to wellness. We also incorporated NFC sticker technology into the brochure, allowing readers to simply tap the sticker with their smartphone to instantly pull up the ecovery claim story videos online. Both printed pieces were meticulously designed by dio and produced by The Standard Group of Lititz, PA.

award-winning corporate brochure
award-winning corporate brochure

Web Presence: Integrating the brand into the completely redesigned Eastern Alliance website (, which was launched in fall 2018, with easy access to videos and information for employers and injured workers.

award-winning corporate brochure

Special recognition goes out to our CEO David Pridgen II and Art Director Elizabeth Shaffer for their immense contribution and hard work on these award-winning pieces. Our clients at Eastern Alliance Insurance Group who collaborated on this campaign include Director of Marketing Donna Nardy and Corporate Communications Specialist Heather Schnader.

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group has been a long-term client partner of ours, stemming back to the days when dio was a full-service advertising agency. Together, the two teams have worked on a variety of projects from website development, video production and print communications.