A guest at your brand activation can continue to go back to that digital image and recall the happy memories you delivered.

– Terry Tonini, Managing Partner, Picture Marketing

Photo Marketing

Part of the allure of executing an experiential marketing campaign is to deliver shareable experiences. With social media amplification, the reach of the activation soars. But if you want someone to take a picture at your event and share it online, make it easy for them.

“PhotoMarketing enables us to deliver our promise to execute a socially-fueled and digitally-anchored campaign,” says Sara Cochrane, dio‘s experiential marketing manager. “People love engaging with our photographers. They can quickly and easily share personalized campaign photos with their social media networks, boosting the campaign’s impressions and ROI.”

Our partners at Picture Marketing work with us to add photo experiences to any of our experiential campaigns.

The most popular PhotoMarketing push we execute is what our partners refer to as ‘Picture Marketing 100.’

“The brand ambassadors use iPads to capture photos of an event or consumer engagement,” explains Cochrane. “Then the consumer agrees to a photo consent on the iPad, emails the photo to themselves and quickly uploads the branded image to a variety of social media channels using their own device. A hashtag and suggested post message are already included to make it a seamless user experience.”

Social media integration

Depending on your event, you may opt to display a large social photo wall. The display will automatically pull posts using your event hashtags. There are various display options: slide show, waterfall of posts, photo mosaic or a grid of swapping photos.

social media wall

Courtesy of Picture Marketing

There are a lot of photo marketing solutions to consider for your experiential campaign:

  • Picture Marketing 101, using iPads and mobile devices
  • Full green screen capabilities, placing people into a different scene
  • Camera array, using multiple camera angles to create a magical rotating image
  • Video capture, great for adding animation or to collect testimonials
  • Insert a face into a video, positioning the face on a moving character to produce a hilarious effect
  • Video-on-Video, a new dynamic way to post shareable videos (See an example)
  • Photo kiosks and photo booths, allowing users to have full interaction with the technology

Any photo experience can be customized for the brand and the event. Below, an image of a custom photo booth created for an ABC upfront event.

Custom event photo booth

Courtesy of Picture Marketing

With a multi-lens set-up, your guests can create cool camera array animations. These are super fun and will attract a lot of social likes.

Camera array animation

Courtesy of Picture Marketing

“The guest experience is at the heart of what we do,” says Terry Tonini, managing partner at Picture Marketing. “We want the guest to guide the interaction and socialize their media in whichever way they want. The guest is in full control, and they also feel secure with their transactions. Our easy-to-use systems show the guest that the brand will take care of them.”

Photo taking is ingrained into our culture, so the PhotoMarketing component becomes an enjoyable experience itself. Plus, the photo can become a souvenir for guests at your grand opening, special event or pop-up activation.

This green screen photography experience…

Green screen photography

Courtesy of Picture Marketing

…turned into an exciting souvenir that gained a lot of social engagement.

social media integration

Courtesy of Picture Marketing

During one racing event, the brand Vons captured 710 photos. Each photo received more than 30 views on social media, resulting in over 30,000 total branded social media impressions. Plus, every photo shared brought back 8 unique visitors to the website.

“We monetize these photo experiences for the brand,” adds Tonini. “The attendee engagement is memorialized and shared in a way that creates more value for the brand.”

The PhotoMarketing experience, regardless of which solution is used during the campaign, is always easy to execute in the field. The simplified processes and quick upload-to-social times make this a great add-on. Whether you use a step-and-repeat banner, shots of the event action, green screen or a branded frame, the final picture product is always a great keepsake for a consumer.

“Being in the center of the action is entertaining for consumers,” says Cochrane. “Photos truly enhance the experience.”

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Picture Marketing, Inc. provides image-centric experiential marketing solutions with its patented technology. Brands and marketing agencies use Picture Marketing’s full line of products and services to create on-brand photo experiences that engage consumers and build online communities. Picture Marketing offers its clients enhanced ROI on their social media initiatives with fully customized solutions to capture and display photos and videos, both onsite and online. For more information, please visit picturemarketing.com.