how to promote a brand activation

If you build it…will they come?

A live event for your brand takes money, time, energy. So of course you want to make sure that it will attract attendees! A brand experience falls short if no one is there to engage with your brand.

Here are our tips for how to promote a brand activation.


Leverage your customer lists, opt-in lists and other owned database segments to get the word out. Depending on the type or location of your live event, you may want to filter your list by market or by segments who will be most interested.


Tap into your media relationships. Not only can they help you promote the brand activation beforehand, they should be invited to attend! Experiences that create excitement and relevance around your brand are newsworthy. Hosting members of the press at your brand experience will surely give them something to write about.


We often use our integrative strategies to boost participation at a brand experience. Display advertising can be served to niche audiences in close proximity to the event location. Receiving an invitation on your phone while you’re in the area could be enough motivation to check out what’s happening. We recommend designing an event-specific landing page to drive clicks to from your ad with all the details.


Send a team of brand ambassadors out in force a few days before your brand’s live event. The team can talk up your event and hand out flyers. Consider chalk drawings or postings in high traffic areas to further raise awareness.


There are a slew of event calendars you can get listed on. National event services, such as Eventbrite or Eventzilla, include some free event management tools. Local media, publishers and bloggers also often keep online calendars which you can submit your event to for promotion. Find calendars and post to them!


Use your social media channels to hint at what’s ahead. Be selective with how much you reveal in advance of the brand experience. Creating buzz and social excitement is a great way to promote a brand activation before it even takes place.


Turn to your brand’s influencers to help spread the word. Whether you have paid or organic influencers, your existing brand advocates can stir fear of missing out (FOMO). Provide them brand-approved social graphics and posts in advance and ask for their share. If you are using a brand partner, a performer or a caterer at your live event, you could also encourage their promotional support.


A lovely invitation in the mail can sometimes break through the clutter better than the rest. Who does’t love receiving a piece of friendly mail when it isn’t a bill?! Direct mail, paired with a few of these other tactics, may be just the ticket. Put a stamp on it!

When you promote a brand activation, you are opening your event to the public. If you want a more exclusive feel for your experience, scale back and promote solely to those users you want in the room. Some experiences are geared toward many – and some to just a brand’s biggest supporters.

If you would like help from promotion to execution of your experiential marketing campaign, say hello.