We’re basically bringing together art and food, and I think there is something in common between the two: emotions.
– Chef Andrea Oschetti

Ice Cream Truck Marketing Tour

When your Facebook news feed is filled with one meal photo after another, it’s clear to see: Americans love food. Pictures of food. Eating food. And experiencing it.

According to Eating Designer Marije Vogelzang, “There is no material that comes as close to human beings as food.”

Let’s face it. We’re living in a foodie culture.

When creating an experiential marketing campaign for a brand, we examine all five senses. Taste is one of our favorites. Incorporating food into an experience helps to create a memorable multi-sensory engagement for consumers.

“Good food behind any message is always well received and remembered,” says Gabriel Wiesen, co-owner of Midwest Food Trucks, one of our reputable partners.

Marketing with food can make sense for a variety of brands. You don’t have to be a food or beverage brand. We’ve executed food campaigns for NBC affiliates and tourism groups. Any company can leverage food to create a branded experience.

“Working with dio on the ‘Visit MT’ campaign was one of my favorites,” admits Wiesen. “From a design standpoint, it allowed us to be creative, and those projects are always the most fun and effective.”

food truck campaign

The campaign turned a food truck into a replica of the well-known Polebridge Mercantile. Brand ambassadors, dressed like Montanans, distributed made-in-Montana bison jerky and huckleberry ice cream. It worked; the experience even inspired our own company president to take his family to Big Sky Country.

Midwest Food Trucks has partnered on over 60 different experiential marketing campaigns involving one or more of their company-owned vehicles over the past five years. Plus, they’ve built over 30 custom food truck or marketing vehicles for various clients. Their experience is how we know we can depend on them.

“Most recently, we partnered on two different campaigns for McDonald’s,” says Wiesen. “One has been featured in a national commercial, the other was to serve Chicago’s largest breakfast. That equals 4,500 breakfast burritos in two hours!”

As our partner, Midwest Food Trucks offers us access to their inventory including food trucks and cargo vans. They are also constantly acquiring new and different vehicles. These help us design experiential campaigns based on the needs of our advertisers.

What sets them apart from other food truck owners is their ability to deliver a completely customized menu, as well as the team to prepare each item. That way, regardless of what type of company you are, you’ll be confident to find a food that gives consumers a taste of your unique brand.

food truck marketing

“When we partner with Midwest Food Trucks on an experiential food campaign, I know the brand is going to be well represented,” says Sara Cochrane, dio’s experiential marketing manager. “The variety of food sampling vehicles they own allow us to create many types of campaigns. And they have an in-house staff of trained culinary experts and chefs who can develop a number of food products. They’re truly an important extension of our team.”

Experiential food marketing is a hot trend in the advertising industry right now. Brands including Samsung, Spike TV, Men’s Health and Saks 5th Ave have used food trucks in recent advertising campaigns. And why not?

“The ephemeral arrival of a food truck in a popular location is enough to get the buzz started,” says Cochrane. “And tying a food experience to your brand creates a deeper engagement than passing out logoed gear.”

Who knows? Your brand’s food experience may be the next thing popping up in everyone’s news feeds. (Hint: That’s very likely.)

Whether we’re executing a marketing event or a pop-up experience for you, food may be a great way to invite consumers to experience your brand.

Let’s cook up a tasty experience together. Say hello!