Taking experiential marketing benefits to Chicago and LA

Prior to the holiday season, Coffee ‘n Clothes—a fashion-inspired cafe concept and global media and production company—decided to change up marketing tactics for designer jewelry brand, David Yurman. With efforts ramping up around the holidays, the jeweler supports a non-profit polar bear conservation organization called Polar Bears International, which works to address the impact that climate change and the melting of sea ice has on the well-being of polar bears in Arctic regions. This year marked the second one that David Yurman pledging a percentage of certain product profits to the organization. However, they needed a little extra something to get the word out. That’s where dio’s experiential marketing benefits came into play.

Coffee ‘n Clothes engaged dio in early November 2019, and the teams worked collaboratively to launch pop-up, mobile barista stations at malls and high-traffic locations in Chicago and LA. The ultimate goal? Make and distribute free custom coffee creations and light refreshments, educate consumers about the Polar Bear International and the donation partnership with David Yurman and drive traffic to retail jewelry locations within the mall.

With custom-built coffee stations and actual, professional baristas, this caffeine-fueled experience was a can’t-miss opportunity for mall-goers and passerbys.

experiential marketing benefits

Our team helped facilitate the campaign by:

  • Managing the fabrication and transportation of the mobile barista carts for all Chicago and LA activation stops
  • Deploying the carts with a barista and dio field manager to provide customers with their complementary handcrafted coffee and latte creations, doughnuts and snacks while encouraging them to visit the David Yurman jewelry retail locations that were close by or inside the mall
  • Spreading the word about the brand’s support of Polar Bear International its commitment to protecting this endangered species and the ice they depend on.
  • Facilitating and executing all necessary food permitting for the campaign.

Our team was were very excited to be a partner with Coffee ‘n Clothes on such a worthy cause for this campaign, and so were consumers!


“You guys should be here every weekend until Christmas to makes everyone’s shopping experience extra special!” said Pat from Chicago.

Margueritte from Toronto who was visiting LA told us ,“This cart looks spectacular! Wow this should be a permanent installation.”


During the seven individual activation says, the team achieved:

  • 10,816 estimated impressions
  • 1,810 hand-crafted coffee creations distributed
  • 894 doughnuts and snacks distributed

Today, marketing for retail and shopping brands relies very heavily on digital strategies, so many consumers look to establish trust and connection through more personalized, authentic shopping experiences.  Effective experiential marketing campaigns like this one can really help brands further engage with audiences in a more sincere way.

Looking to put the many experiential marketing benefits to work for you? Give us a call to start planning your campaign today!