Experience of the Week: DOOH Advertising is Tail Wagging Cute

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experiential marketing video
With DOOH advertising, outdoor advertisers can get creative by using multiple screens and multi-media technologies.

Tap It: Marketing with Near Field Communication

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NFC Marketing
When nearly 2/3 of all Americans own smartphones, it’s no wonder marketers are scurrying to go mobile. We believe that the best marketing campaigns are ones that are socially-fueled, digitally-anchored and experientially activated. That’s why near field communication, or NFC, is one [...]

Experience of the Week: Stories Come to Life via Augmented Reality

experiential marketing video
Harper Collins, a publisher giant, enacted augmented reality experiences throughout bookstores in Canada for the ultimate in retailtainment. Take a look at how this campaign unfolds.

How to Use RFID in Advertising

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RFID and NFC give you an abundant amount of options to create unique experiences for your target audience, satisfying their "me" complexes and also improving efficiencies for you when it comes to tracking consumer data and preferences.

The 6 Best Experiential Marketing Ideas for Retailers

field marketing
Experiential marketing for retailers is an essential part of the media mix. By providing a series of experiential touch points along the consumer's journey, you can demonstrate the relevancy you have with your target audience. Experiences help excite consumers; this form of advertising becomes [...]

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