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Design Your Brand Experience for Instagram Marketing

Instagrammable event tips
In today's selfie era, how do you make your event Instagrammable? Here are our 10 tips to making your brand experience Instagrammable: 1- Visual design 2- Emotional appeal 3- Incorporate subtle branding 4- Encourage sharing 5- Recruit influencers 6- Engage in realtime 7- Media [...]

Digital Marketing and Experiential Marketing: An Integrated Strategy

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digital marketing and experiential marketing
Digital marketing and experiential marketing should go hand-in-hand. We've seen greater successes when marketing is integrated. We recommend a digital strategy for every experiential marketing plan. Ways these two marketing disciplines can work together to maximize your results include: Data [...]

The Truth Behind Social Media Usage and Your Experiential Marketing Event

social media usage
You already know that social media and experiential marketing complement each other. If you deliver an amazing experience to someone, they’re naturally going to want to share it with their friends. The global social media usage statistics show how much we rely on Facebook, Twitter, [...]

One Brand Experience = A Year’s Worth of Marketing

experiential marketing for content marketing
“Experience-based marketing isn’t just about dropping your audience into the occasional amazing space. It’s about turning every tactic in your marketing repertoire into a character, event, or twist in the ongoing plot of your brand. With this approach, conversions aren’t goals that you [...]

Create FOMO with Experiential Marketing

Experiential marketing creates experiences like these that people don’t want to miss out on – while also making a brand more noticeable and creating very shareable, attention-grabbing social media content.

How Social Media and Experiential Marketing Work Together

Gilmore Girls Experiential Marketing
Our attention spans have shrunk. Content is everywhere. We're surrounded by smart objects that are replacing human interactions. Traditional marketing is struggling to break through, and digital marketing is faced with ad blockers and bot fraud. People turn to social media for word-of-mouth [...]

Virtual Reality Improves Trade Show Engagement Scores

virtual reality at a trade show
If you're struggling to find ways to help your buyer visualize the benefits, demonstrate the product or understand what your brand stands for, a virtual reality experience just may help you bridge those connections.

4 Examples of Event Technology, as Seen at EXHIBITORLIVE 2016

Craig Lehmann attends ExhibitorLIVE
"For me, seeing exhibits that promoted the newest event technology was most interesting," says Lehmann. "There are so many ways to use technology to improve the trade show attendee experience in a client's booth." Here, he lists his top four stand-out companies from the show's exhibition floor.

Photo Marketing, An Experiential Marketing Element

Posted October 5th, 2015 by .

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Green screen photography
"PhotoMarketing enables us to deliver our promise to execute a socially-fueled and digitally-anchored campaign," says Sara Cochrane, dio's experiential marketing manager. "People love engaging with our photographers. They can quickly and easily share personalized campaign photos with their [...]

Beacon Technology Adds Value to Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Posted June 29th, 2015 by .

Categories: Digital / Social Media Integrations, Experiential Marketing.

Beacon-enabled push notifications
Beacons are fast becoming a buzzword in marketing channels. Advertising technology is rapidly changing the way brands interact with their customers, forging more personal connections and bridging the physical world with the digital. Retailers, who can now communicate with a shopper at the [...]

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