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Top 10 Examples of Experiential Trade Show Marketing

Posted October 8th, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Trade Shows.

The best way to stand out at a trade show is to have a booth that is different, exciting and interesting! Having a unique experience is key. We picked out some brands who went above and beyond handing out free pens, and really impressed with their experiential trade show marketing.

Trade Show Booth Design Options

Posted August 28th, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Trade Shows.

Rule #1: Your trade show booth design must be second to your trade show booth experience. Rule #2: There are no other rules. Your trade show booth design is fully scalable and customizable. Rule #3: Rule #2 may have been a lie. Check with your exhibition for size/height and any other [...]

4 Tips for the First-Time Trade Show Exhibitor

Posted August 14th, 2018 by .

Categories: Trade Shows.

trade show marketing
First-time trade show exhibitors can get overwhelmed by the long to-do list. But stay focused on these four areas, and don't sweat the details. 1-Connect and engage with attendees 2-Understand more about your industry, buyer personas, competitors 3-Stand out, but avoid gimmicks - be [...]

FOREO Launches Out-of-this-World Marketing Activation at CES 2018

Posted January 10th, 2018 by .

Categories: PR Stunts, Trade Shows.

Trade show booth
The experience began outside The Sands. Four ‘paralyzed’ individuals stood still and motionless due to the time constraints of using a traditional facial mask. A motorcade of premium black SUVs adorned with “Caution” signs rolled onto the scene. This put CES attendees and media at high alert! [...]

Your Love of the Outdoors Makes Your Trade Show Travel Exhibit Even Better

Posted July 25th, 2017 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Tourism, Trade Shows.

Experiential marketing for trade shows is like the chocolate and marshmallow part of a s’more. Without it, the graham cracker (or trade show) would be bland, boring and completely forgettable. Trade shows are all about the audience experience – and did you know that your love for the outdoors [...]

Top 6 Trade Show Marketing Blogs

Posted May 2nd, 2017 by .

Categories: Trade Shows.

top marketing blogs
As marketers, we are always reading and referencing valuable resources. Here, we're focusing on the trade show and event industry with our recommendations for these six great marketing blogs.

How to Measure Trade Show ROI

Posted March 7th, 2017 by .

Categories: Marketing Strategy, Trade Shows.

trade show ROI
For exhibitors, reporting your trade show ROI, or your return on investment, back to the CMO doesn't have to include smoke and mirrors. No magic tricks or circus acts. Measuring your results might be simpler than you think. Here's our advice for how to evaluate your trade show success.

Guide to Post-Show Marketing for Trade Show Exhibitors

Posted February 21st, 2017 by .

Categories: Trade Shows.

Trade show plan
After a trade show, your sales and marketing alignment will be put to the test. It's all about teamwork. Marketing needs to provide sales with a clear action plan and any materials or follow-up collateral necessary to make the follow-up process as efficient and effective as possible.

Trade Show Sales and Conversions

Posted February 7th, 2017 by .

Categories: Trade Shows.

trade show badge
Trade shows are where you can establish a business relationship; doing it face-to-face is such a perk in today’s digital world. Therefore, lead generation is obviously a top priority for trade show exhibitors. You want to collect qualified leads so your sales team can nurture and convert them [...]

How to Expand Your Trade Show Experience

Posted January 24th, 2017 by .

Categories: Trade Shows.

trade show marketing
Exhibitors, here are a few ways to activate your trade show experience in order to have a wider presence among trade show attendees.

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