Olympia Promotes Short Drive to Handcrafted Experiences

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tourism marketing
The mobile barista stations actually held inside individual 8-ounce bottles of cold brew, kept chilled all day long. To serve hot coffee, two of our team members were adorned with JetPacks - beverage dispensers worn on the back. We didn't just pass out coffee on the go, though. We took the [...]

Top Ten Experiential Examples for Travel

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We've picked out 10 of our favorite examples of experiential marketing for travel - from airlines to hotels, these travel industry members are doing it right!

Your Love of the Outdoors Makes Your Trade Show Travel Exhibit Even Better

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Experiential marketing for trade shows is like the chocolate and marshmallow part of a s’more. Without it, the graham cracker (or trade show) would be bland, boring and completely forgettable. Trade shows are all about the audience experience – and did you know that your love for the outdoors [...]

Why Great Photography Falls Short in Promoting a Travel Experience

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Photographs alone can fall flat in travel marketing, but can supplement a more dimensional and memorable experiential campaign.

It’s “Plane” and Simple – Personal Travel Benefits Your Tourism Marketing Career

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Plane Travel
Travel and tourism marketers have a lot to gain from taking a voyage away from work, from personal benefits that can make you a better worker, to new ideas for brands.

Top 5 Tourism Marketing Blogs

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top 5 tourism marketing blogs
The internet is over-saturated with marketing advice. There’s no shortage of “experts” sharing strategies and so-called best practices. Unfortunately, much of the easily accessible information online offers little to no value. So we thought we’d make things easier and share a few of our [...]

Top 5 Experiential Marketing Ideas for the Tourism Industry

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Montana Mercantile Tour
"When a tourism bureau can showcase an adventure, one that a vacationer can experience in their market, the marketing campaign breathes new life," says Shantey Wilson, dio's business development specialist. "Of course, these adventures must be bite-sized, as to not replace the vacation, but be [...]

Virtual Reality Experiences Market Tourism Boards, Convention & Visitors Bureaus, Travel Industry

virtual reality
Travel marketers used to rely on brochures and agents, then magazine ads and informative websites, later videos to sell their destinations. Today, the travel industry can transport someone virtually to their destination as a preview of what to expect upon arrival.

Visit Dallas – in Albuquerque!

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Visit Dallas expereintial campaign
The Dallas Convention & Visitors Bureau knows that big things happen in Texas. But the world's biggest hot air balloon festival? Well, that takes place each year in New Mexico. What better way to reach people who like to travel big than to attend a tourist mecca? The Albuquerque International [...]

Like Sand and Surf, Experiential Marketing and Tourism Make a Perfect Pair

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food truck campaign
For tourism marketing, portraying brands that represent discovering new adventures, it just makes sense to produce an excitement around your destination that consumers can experience while in the vacation planning phase. Give them a taste, so they yearn for more that they can only get if they [...]

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