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Pop-Up Glow Lounge Popular Attraction during Baylor University’s Diadeloso

Posted June 18th, 2019 by .

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Experiencing Diadeloso 2019 Every spring since 1932, Waco, Texas’s own Baylor University gives their students the gift of a day off from classes to enjoy a fun-filled day outside on campus. This is an annual holiday celebration called Diadeloso, or “The Day of the Bear.” [...]

The 6th Sense in Experiential Marketing

Posted June 11th, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Marketing Strategy.

When all five senses are working together brilliantly, someone may naturally develop an intuitive power to understand and experience things around them in ways they haven’t before. Participants at your brand experience perceive your brand better; they have a new keen understanding of your brand.

Elevate Experiential Marketing to Meaningful Experiential Marketing

Posted May 28th, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Marketing Strategy.

Experiential Marketing: Interactive, Engaging, Memorable, Share-Worthy. Brand experiences cut through the clutter and involve a consumer to build more direct connections. We’ve always said that what we do is “meaningful,” …but is it always? To what extent? This article [...]

The Sense of Taste in Experiential Marketing

Posted May 21st, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Marketing Strategy.

taste in experiential marketing
Taste in experiential marketing is a sense that's hard to resist! In today’s culture of food and flavor, the rich and pleasurable gustatory experience happens when taste merges with the other senses. Flavorful experiences are available to many brands, not just food brands.

College Marketing: On- and Off-Campus Activations Engage 18-24 Year-Olds

college marketing
There are 16 million students enrolled in U.S. colleges. This Gen-Z group, ages 18 – 24, is a priority for many marketers. Brands are vying for the love of the newest shopper generation. College marketing programs allow brands to connect and engage with the college student demo. Daunting [...]

The Science of Touch in Experiential Marketing

Posted April 16th, 2019 by .

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touch in experiential marketing
There is science behind why touch matters. Brand-in-hand campaigns are not new or revolutionary. Even brands with intangible products should consider the power of tactile engagements. Touch in experiential marketing is important for many types of brands and companies.

Facial Detection Cameras Enable Better Brand Activation Measurements

Posted April 2nd, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Marketing Strategy.

I’m a female in my 30s, and despite the fact that I just admitted my age, I’m feeling happy right now – writing to you. Just as Bryant was happy when he recorded the Feature Friday tip talking about facial detection measurements (see below). Facial detection cameras collect [...]

Experiential Marketing for B2B Brands

Posted March 19th, 2019 by .

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experiential marketing for B2B
Does experiential marketing fit into your B2B marketing plan? Experiential marketing for B2B marketers enhances your core messaging and strengthens client relationships. However, the objectives of a B2B experiential marketing plan must consider the business buying model. After all, the first [...]

The Sense of Smell in Experiential Marketing Campaigns

Posted March 12th, 2019 by .

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smell in experiential marketing
Don't overlook your brand's aroma. Smell in experiential marketing - and at other touch points in the consumer journey - can enhance the memory and deepen the understanding of the brand. Don't just leave scent marketing to food and fragrance brands. It's something that all marketers should [...]

The Truth Behind Social Media Usage and Your Experiential Marketing Event

social media usage
You already know that social media and experiential marketing complement each other. If you deliver an amazing experience to someone, they’re naturally going to want to share it with their friends. The global social media usage statistics show how much we rely on Facebook, Twitter, [...]

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