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Top 16 Experiential Marketing Examples for Tourism & Travel Brands [Videos]

Posted October 28th, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Tourism.

We've picked out 10 of our favorite examples of experiential marketing for travel - from airlines to hotels, these travel industry members are doing it right!

Top 5 Experiential Tourism Marketing Ideas for the Travel & Destination Industry

Posted October 25th, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Tourism.

The Montana Mercantile Tour visited Chicago and Minneapolis, now entering Seattle, to boost tourism to big sky country.
The top 5 experiential strategies for tourism marketing: 1. Scavenger hunts 2. Adventure stunts 3. Music 4. Pop-up activations 5. Virtual reality

Experiential Marketing for Small Business

Posted October 22nd, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Marketing Strategy.


Lavish parties. Huge music festivals. Bungee jumping from space. Those aren’t the only types of brand experiences. The definition of experiential marketing is to engage an audience through interactive experiences. It’s about immersing the consumer in a way that creates stronger [...]

Top 10 Examples of Experiential Trade Show Marketing

Posted October 8th, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Trade Shows.

The best way to stand out at a trade show is to have a booth that is different, exciting and interesting! Having a unique experience is key. We picked out some brands who went above and beyond handing out free pens, and really impressed with their experiential trade show marketing.

Design Your Brand Experience for Instagram Marketing

Instagrammable event tips
In today's selfie era, how do you make your event Instagrammable? Here are our 10 tips to making your brand experience Instagrammable: 1- Visual design 2- Emotional appeal 3- Incorporate subtle branding 4- Encourage sharing 5- Recruit influencers 6- Engage in realtime 7- Media [...]

Digital Marketing and Experiential Marketing: An Integrated Strategy

Posted September 10th, 2019 by .

Categories: Digital / Social Media Integrations, Experiential Marketing, Marketing Strategy.

digital marketing and experiential marketing
Digital marketing and experiential marketing should go hand-in-hand. We've seen greater successes when marketing is integrated. We recommend a digital strategy for every experiential marketing plan. Ways these two marketing disciplines can work together to maximize your results include: Data [...]

Trade Show Booth Design Options

Posted August 28th, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Trade Shows.

Rule #1: Your trade show booth design must be second to your trade show booth experience. Rule #2: There are no other rules. Your trade show booth design is fully scalable and customizable. Rule #3: Rule #2 may have been a lie. Check with your exhibition for size/height and any other [...]

Cannabis Marketing: The Emerging CBD CPG Product Industry

This year, we’ve become ingrained into the world of cannabis marketing. Our Chill program has had street teams on the ground in California five to seven days a week for the past six months. Needless to say, we’ve learned a lot. As a concierge delivery service, Chill has been a great [...]

Multi-Sensory Marketing: Brand Experiences Activate the 5 Senses

Posted July 16th, 2019 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, Marketing Strategy.

Multi-Sensory Marketing
Marketers seek emotional, personal connections with their audiences. You want to personify your brand and be remembered in a specific way. Thus, a growing trend in the marketing industry is multi-sensory marketing: using the senses to create a deeper experience for the consumer. Sensory [...]

CPG Marketing with Brand Experiences

Grocery. Beverage. Personal care. Over-the-counter. Household cleaners. If you’re working in CPG marketing, or marketing for a product in the consumer packaged goods (GPG) industry, then you should be incorporating brand experiences into the mix. Go to a big box store, and you’ll be [...]

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