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CPG Brands Benefit from Experiential Marketing

Posted September 4th, 2018 by .

Categories: CPG / Grocery Brands, Millennial Marketing, Sampling & Product Demonstrations.

Orbit Gum Sampling Activation
It's critical to connect personally with consumers in today's marketing landscape. Brands who do are able to create communities of fans who are not only loyal but who talk about their brand positively to friends and family. This is especially important for CPG brands.

Mass Food Sampling Programs Create Product Trial Opportunities, Trigger Sales

mass food sampling activation
For CPG brands, product sampling is nothing new. But it continues to have relevancy in today's marketplace. Sampling is being reinvented into brand experiences. Experiences which connect the consumer more deeply to your brand, generate product trial, trigger immediate sales and build brand [...]

Rick Pace Returns with a New Perspective on Experiential Marketing

Rick Pace
"Sampling is key to the success of moving product quickly in the field but goes much deeper than just getting the brand into the consumers' hands," VP National Field Marketing Rick Pace explains. "Sampling product boosts brand awareness while giving consumers a unique experience that hones in [...]

Experiential Food Marketing: A Taste of Your Brand

Posted October 13th, 2015 by .

Categories: CPG / Grocery Brands, Experiential Marketing.

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food truck campaign
We’re basically bringing together art and food, and I think there is something in common between the two: emotions. – Chef Andrea Oschetti When your Facebook news feed is filled with one meal photo after another, it’s clear to see: Americans love food. Pictures of food. Eating [...]

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