Yippee! We were recently honored for two design pieces: a corporate brochure and a brand easel. Both pieces were designed for Eastern Alliance Insurance Group and printed by The Standard Group.

Both the corporate brochure and brand easel were recognized by the 2018 IMCA Showcase Awards, awarding outstanding marketing and communications work in the insurance industry. The brand easel is a winning entry in Division 1 – Internal Corporate Communications, whereas, the corporate brochure is a winning entry in Division III – Marketing Communications. All winning entries are eligible for the SAMMY and TaDa! Awards, which will be presented at a gala on June 26.

In addition, the corporate brochure also received a nod from the Graphic Arts Association by earning a Franklin Award of Excellence for Presentation Kits (4 or more colors) during the Neographics Power of Print Competition.

The corporate brochure highlights the entire Eastern Alliance Insurance Group offerings, touching on each of its brands and its overarching service mantra.

award-winning corporate brochure

The brand easel is an internal communications piece that speaks of the company’s mission, history, branding elements, core values, individual brand descriptions and philosophy.

award-winning brand easel design

Shout-out to our CEO David Pridgen and Art Director Elizabeth Shaffer for working on these award-winning pieces. Our clients at Eastern Alliance Insurance Group include Marketing Manager Donna Nardy and Sr. Marketing Communications Specialist Heather Schnader.

Eastern Alliance Insurance Group has been a long-term client partner of ours, stemming back to the days when dio was a full-service advertising agency. Together, the two teams have worked on a variety of projects from website development, video production and print communications.