Craig Lehmann attends ExhibitorLIVE

VP Business Development Craig Lehmann recently attended the 28th Annual Training Conference for Trade Show Exhibit and Event Managers and Marketers, EXHIBITORLIVE, presented by Exhibitor Magazine. Located at Mandalay Bay on the Las Vegas strip, the show was held February 28 – March 3, 2016.

Lehmann returned to our office fired up!

“For me, seeing exhibits that promoted the newest event technology was most interesting,” says Lehmann. “There are so many ways to use technology to improve the trade show attendee experience in a client’s booth.” Here, he lists his top four stand-out companies from the show’s exhibition floor.

Interactive Multimedia Experiences by GWF Associates

Do augmented reality, 3D animations and virtual simulators raise the hair on your arm? We thought so! These interactive experiences are exactly what this company was promoting at their booth, and we can envision brand-to-consumer engagements like no other with these cutting edge event technologies!

WHY WE LOVE: Sometimes you have a product that can’t be demonstrated to its fullest inside a 10′ X 10′ booth. That’s when these interactive experiences are most important. You can give show attendees a way to experience your product – virtually! Plus, who wouldn’t talk about this level of engagement for days – even years – to come?

Custom Design Kiosks by Parabit

The team at Parabit includes expert fabricators; so if you can dream it, they can build it! Their animated virtual assistants, custom interactive kiosks, mobile device charging stations, wayfinding applications and e-brochure digital signage are great add-ins for a trade show booth. These products are designed to engage a consumer. And that’s what this experiential marketing thing is all about!

WHY WE LOVE: When your booth staff are busy having one-to-one conversations with another booth visitor, an interactive kiosk can pick up the slack. Plus, for tech-savvy attendees, an interactive digital experience may result in improved recall and brand likeability. Having a large-scale way to get people connected to digital content is rarely ever a bad thing.

Trade Show Magic by Exhibitry

You’ve seen holograms in sci-fi movies. Maybe heard stories about a production company tricking the fans in the stands into seeing someone that wasn’t really there. Well, Exhibitry and its team of experienced magicians consider the art of illusion when designing their event tech products. Their website describes their HoloTubeTM as “part interactive presentation station, part magic trick.” This touch screen kiosk allows trade show booth visitors to manipulate holograms, videos, animations or product simulations at the swipe of a finger. This product can present a “Holographic Booth Host” to greet show attendees and educate them on the products and services featured in your trade show booth. The host is no stick-in-the-mud; she’ll even pose for a selfie with you!

The company’s X-ray VisualizerTM is another magic-performing product. This “exhibit uses magician’s techniques to create the illusion of seeing inside a product,” describes their website. “Interactive animation demonstrates the internal process,” and consumers can “touch the screen to pause or pinch-to-zoom and explore details.”

It’s no wonder Exhibitry was selected as one of the EXHIBITORLIVE Buyers Choice Awards for four of their display items – more than any single company has ever received!

WHY WE LOVE: Uh? What’s not to love? It’s magic!

Special Effects by Technifex

faux fire special effects

Finally on Lehmann’s list of show stoppers is a company whose portfolio includes: major theme park attractions, casino/resort permanent feature displays and a mobile training simulator for our military! Their Water WebTM and FauxFireTM products create mesmerizing – but realistic – special effects that could really bring to life an experiential marketing event or a trade show booth! Other products include dragon’s breath heat blaster, 4D theater seats and a wind cannon. (Yes, you can buy dragon’s breath!)

WHY WE LOVE: Special effects help to tell a story and immerse someone fully into a brand experience. We can concept some really amazing experiences, and it’s good to have fabricators we can trust to actually bring it to life.

Let us find the right mix of creativity and technology for your next trade show booth. Give us a shout.