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Pure, genuine word-of-mouth marketing is taking place in Oklahoma City! I can’t say enough about the dio, Quail Springs and training teams. The way they remained guest-focused was so natural to each that it created a positive energy contagious to guests during what could have easily appeared chaotic with the volume they were churning. I have no doubt that together they have seeded relationships within the Quail Springs community that will be remembered and strengthened for years to come.
– Linda Kennedy, Franchise Marketing Manager, Corner Bakery Café

Working with you allowed us to expand our creative thinking and make a large impact in a key campaign market, which led to surpassing client expectations.
– Samantha Flynn, Managing Supervisor, Jacobson Rost

We appreciate all of the hard work your team put into this to make it a success. Please thank each member of the team; they were professional and delivered our messaging accurately and in a very personable way.
– Linda Evans, VP Cross Platform Strategy, Time Warner Cable

We loved the program! It was a huge win for us. In the process, we pissed off our biggest rival. People are still talking about it.
– Karin Neri, Marketing Director, GlobalCloud

dio put forth hard work and dedication to make our mobile tour a success. We loved working with them through all the tough times and easy ones, too. It’s truly a great partnership.
– Hall Carlough, Director of Experiential, Vox Media

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