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Rick Pace VP Experiential Marketing

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Rick Pace, VP Experiential Marketing

Ensuring we maintain our innovative trendsetter reputation, Rick serves as our creative “madman” and keeps the pulse of dio three beats faster than our competitors in the experiential industry. Most likely tuned into a techno music mix on his headphones, he’s the guy who thinks stuff up…and then makes it happen. He truly is the wizard behind our experiential mastery. In addition to his crazy-good ideations, he makes sure each brand activation is executed in the field seamlessly and has worked tirelessly to perfect our promotional logistics and staffing processes. In addition to overseeing the success of our in-the-field activations as well as our partnerships with key vendors who support our campaigns, Rick also helps develop new business through our direct brand and promotional agency partnerships. Before dio, he worked eight years in the music industry marketing for a vast number of global and national vocal artists and later spent six years as a the promotions manager for a leading network’s 21 cluster radio stations. A co-founder of a marketing consulting business for big brands, a founding partner of MakRadio in 2003 and the creator of a high-energy country dance club in 2005, Rick utilizes his entrepreneurial spirit every time he designs a new campaign for a client. Even though he recently took a year away from dio, we welcomed him back with open arms. Today, he’s more knowledgeable than ever and often works around-the-clock to pull off the most memorable consumer experiences for our partner brands.

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