Emily Fritz Marketing Manager

Emily Fritz, Marketing Manager

With over ten years’ experience in marketing, communications, digital marketing, social media and event planning, Emily was excited to join an experiential shop in 2015 to expand her creative horizons and be on the forefront of the future of marketing. The nontraditional brand experiences are engaging and authentic – and she appreciates every small detail that goes into planning them. She participates in client meetings, as needed, but is the author behind the blog and manages all external communications and communities for the brand, including this very website. Often considered the devil’s advocate in the office, she asks a lot of questions to align the creative ideation with the client’s marketing objectives. Outside of work, she is the co-founder of a nonprofit dedicated to celebrating all children’s birthdays and encourages everyone to be a little bit kinder. Emily also enjoys time exploring with her family or walking her hairless Chinese Crested dog, Baxter. She’s not a fan of talking about herself – but was told she also had to have a bio page. Note, those butterflies aren’t PhotoShopped.

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