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Did it take you a while to decide exactly what you wanted to do when you grew up? At dio, we tried to be everything to everyone for a while, until we realized that we had a unique opportunity with a true passion to differentiate ourselves by leveraging our expertise with experiential marketing. We crafted a new strategy, for what was once our full-service ad agency, and decided to forge a new direction. Our shift in gears wasn’t because we fumbled or flopped at the other, as we totally understand what goes into branding, strategy and rolling out a cross-channel marketing mix. However it became apparent that we’d rather work with a brand – and their other agency partners – to produce buzz-worthy, out-of-this-world, effective experiential marketing campaigns. This is our forte. We are superstars at experiential. We’re dedicated to this one awesome niche that we love.

We truly believe in the power of experience and know that by adding memorable engagements to a consumer journey, a brand can earn a lifetime of loyalty. Of course we want you to enjoy that level of success!

Here’s how… First, we ask you a lot of questions to understand your marketing goals and strategies. We ideate with you to launch brand experiences that earn your brand a well-deserved spotlight – in the physical world, as well as the virtual world with our integrated technologies. Let’s make it easy for consumers to spread the word. Experiences in one location might not be felt directly by everyone in your target audience, but with the vitality of social media and quick, connected communications tools of today, your campaign has the potential to mark a lasting impression across an entire network of fans. And for those who are lucky enough to be front-and-center for the experience we create, they’ll have deeper brand recognition, recall and loyalty than what you may obtain by relying just on traditional advertising, regardless of reach.

This is not our opinion; it works!

Whether you’re reaching a B2C or a B2B audience, we can help you stand apart from your competition by creating memorable consumer engagements that will cement your brand positioning for years to come. We believe that experiences move people in every industry – and that helps you move the needle. However, we focus in the tourism, trade show exhibitor and consumer packaged goods industries as you’ll see in our proof of work.

Plus, our decades-old big brother firm, do it outdoors media, has amazing out-of-home assets and a reliable field marketing promotions network that we can leverage to make our campaigns run smoothly, professionally and innovatively. Our limitless imaginations combined with our high energy spirit, smart processes and trackable results can only mean a win for you.

Led by best friends and business partners, David Pridgen II and Regis Maher, dio is proud to be considered a partner to all of our clients. Our team of passionate, friendly, sometimes over-caffeinated staff are waiting to hear from you!

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