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At dio, we’re specialists – and our specialty is creating and executing integrated brand experiences. The hands-on consumer engagements and memorable experiences we create drive brand recognition, brand recall and brand loyalty. Our event concepts, unique sampling styles, and attention-grabbing product demos are sure to give your brand or product the spotlight it deserves. And oh yeah, we drive sales through these innovative brand activations that are not only imaginative but also highly integrated.

We’re your strategic experiential marketing partners. We eat, sleep, breathe experiential marketing. We’re not your ad agency; we do this one thing really well. But we’ll collaborate with your existing agency to ensure your strategy, message, and branding remain cohesive across your entire marketing mix. In other words, we’ll play nice!

Let us execute your big ideas seamlessly, or let us ideate with you to replicate one of our tried-and-true methods that have been a proven success for other brands…or come up with an out-of-this-world, never-been-done-before way to connect consumers to your brand in both the physical and digital worlds. We’ll measure the experiential campaign as we go, so you’ll know exactly what your ROI is on our pre-strategized KPIs. And we’ll even keep your agency in the loop throughout the whole campaign.

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Experience of the Month: Wendy’s “Sailgating” Experiential Campaign

July 8, 2020

Using this witty and fun play on words, Real California Milk, launched a pop-up "CBD" [...]

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