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Experience of the Week: Live PR Stunt in Paris

Posted September 18th, 2015 by .

Categories: Experience of the Week, PR Stunts.

experiential marketing video
This live PR stunt for Netflix and its TV series Orange is the New Black really grabbed attention. Watch how they pulled it off. Interested in pulling off a live PR stunt of your own? Terrific, let’s chat.

Experience of the Week: Disappearing Floors

Posted May 22nd, 2015 by .

Categories: Experience of the Week, Pop-Up Marketing, PR Stunts.

experiential marketing video
This experiential marketing campaign took place in Korea, but the “Never Stop Exploring” adventure and emotion comes through in this video no matter what language you speak. The North Face gave shoppers a sudden challenge when the floor retracted, forcing consumers to climb the [...]

How TV Shows Can Captivate Audiences Before A Premiere with Experiential Marketing

Posted March 30th, 2015 by .

Categories: Experiential Marketing, PR Stunts.


Experiential marketing in the entertainment industry
Have you ever stood around the water-cooler recounting the story lines from the previous night’s prime time? If your business is marketing for hit TV shows, you understand how audiences get connected to the characters and the stories in a very personal, often passionate way. They even [...]

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